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Text Box: In 1946  :  Founder Tomitarou Takarada founded the wholesale and retail shop of electric parts in 
In 1948  :  Moved from Kanda-Nakamachi to the present location 1-15-15 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku also   
                 enlarge the shop and then successively changed a business to retail trade dealing with TVs, 
                  Washing machines, Refrigerators and other home appliances.

In 1958  :  Expanded second shop at 1-15-6 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku inside of former Mitsuuroko bldg. 

In 1961  :  Reorganized the private company to corporation and established TAKARADA ELECTRIC 
                  CO.,LTD. with the capital of 3 million yen and issued 6000 shares. 

In 1966  :  Renovated head office builde‚„ 2-story wooden house to 8-story reinforced building by steel. 

In 1969  :  Merged with Tokyo Home Appliances Co.,Ltd. located in 1-14-7 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku. 
                 Reinforced the capital to 60 million yen and the amount of issued shares became 120000. 

In Nov. 1973 :  Built 8-story reinforced concrete building at 1-14-7 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku. And opened 
                         Duty-free corner for increasing foreign customers and employed more shop staff to meet 
                         the demand one by one. 

In Jul 1985    :  Purchased Syuhou bldg of 1371‡u at 7-31-16 Higashi-Shinkoiwa Katsushika-ku. It is still 
                          good in business as tenant building. 

In Mar 1987 :  Purchased 3-story reinforced building of 459‡u by steel at 6-12-11 Shimo-Renjaku 
                          Mitaka-shi. It is still good in business as tenant building. 

In Jan 2002  :   Built 9-story reinforced concrete building on next to the left of Head office bldg. Opened 
                         the shop specializing in Duty-free in July 2002. 

In Jul 2008 :    Built 9-story reinforced concrete building of Takarada-chuodori bldg at 1-14-8 Sotokanda 
                        Chiyoda-ku. It is still good in business as tenant building. 

In Oct 2008 :   Moved the second shop from former Mitsuuroko bldg to the basement of Takarada-Musen    
                        bldg and enlarged  the space to 230‡u being in business. 

                             (As of Dec 2010)

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